Student Learning

The Department of Student Learning is committed to providing engaging personalized learning opportunities for all our students to encourage academic excellence.

We are responsible for overseeing the delivery of educational programs to all our students. We support quality instruction by providing current learning opportunities for our teachers.

Communicating Student Learning

Overview of CSL and Rationale

The BC Curriculum has been renewed to respond to the changes in the 21st Century. The new curriculum is student-centred, flexible, and maintains a focus on literacy and numeracy, while supporting deeper learning.

As the curriculum has changed, so too must the assessment and reporting of student progress. The goal of reporting and communicating student learning is for students to be more involved with their learning and to ensure that parents are well informed about their children’s progress, while being aligned with the direction of the revised curriculum. Throughout K-9, student progress in relation to the learning standards will be documented and communicated to students by teachers through ongoing assessment.

School District 22 is embracing these changes and supporting our students by moving from Reporting TO Parents, to Communicating WITH Parents on an ongoing basis. There will be more focus on growth and progress. This involves more fluid processes and changes in what we assess and how we assess, as well as how we communicate student learning to students and their families/caregivers.

The goal of communicating student learning is to ensure that communication between home and school is effective and timely, so that:

  • parents are well informed about their child’s progress;
  • parents are involved as partners in a dialogue about their child’s progress and the best ways to support and improve learning; and
  • students are provided with information that is meaningful to them and helps them to improve their own learning.